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SCB carries out independent economic and public policy research towards further liberalization and integration of Syria into the global economy. SCB offers consulting services to private domestic and international investors and businesses, as well as national and multinational donors, SCB Offers the following services: economic studies, financial advisory and corporate  development, market research and marketing, human resources, corporate training.

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  The State of the Syrian Economy (2014)

Four years of war and external economic sanctions caused substantial fall and extensive damage to the Syrian economy. GDP, which stood at US$ 60 billion in 2010, dropped to US$ 56 billion in 2011, to US$ 40 billion in 2012, to US$ 33 billion in 2013, and to about 30 billion in 2014, representing a fall of 50% over the period. This fall is attributed to: a) physical damage to infrastructure and productive sectors, b) drop in public and private investments, deterred by the escalating violence and political uncertainty, c) cut off in production and export of crude oil caused by sanctions, and d) low domestic demand due to high rate of unemployment (53%), and the exit of more than three million people from the country.




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