Working For Recovery Reconstruction & Development in Syria

The Syrian Economy
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The conflict in Syria has completed its fifth year. The war and the external economic sanctions caused extensive damage to the economy. GDP which stood at US$ 60 billion in 2010 has shrunk by more than a half in real terms by the end of 2015, according ... More
Doing Business
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Doing business in Syria remains a hurdle with comparatively long and costly procedures.In the 2014 global ranking of countries by the ease of doing business,  Syria was ranked 175 out of 189 countries. In terms of the main areas comprising the doing business indicators,  ... More
Recovery & Reconstruction
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The recovery and reconstruction task is expected to be huge, multi-dimensional (political, economical and social), and taking long years. It will consist of 3-5 years of political, social and economic recovery followed by some 15-20 years reconstruction and development efforts. Recovery involves political, social and economic dimensions... More
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Given the importance of public-private partnership in Syria, especially in post conflict reconstruction, Dr.Nabil Sukkar, Managing Director of SCB prepared an article on the subject with the above title, which was presented to Syrian Economic Society last year.. More
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The need for a regulated PPP’s formula in infrastructure projects in post conflict Syria is beyond doubt. It is needed for repairing the huge damage in roads, bridges, electricity, water and sanitation networks, generating a process that will create jobs, energize growth and at the same time provide efficient, low cost and reliable infrastructure services.   ....... More
Decentralization in Syria
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Given its centralized state before the war, Syria was in urgent need for decentralization and for a new governance structure. A de-facto decentralization took place during the war as a result of the fragmentation of the country and separation of many regions from central government control ... More
Cost of Living
Cost- of -living 2016
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SCB has recently completed its annual Analytical Cost-of-Living Index of 2015. The index measures the cost of living for typical middle and upper middle income families in the Damascus Area. It follows similar reports produced by SCB earlier ... More
Foreign Direct Investment
Investmen t
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FDI came to a near halt since the onset of the crisis, but FDI in Syria never represented a significant component of investment in the country. Some particularly motivated FDI entered the country during the crisis, coming mainly from Iran and Russia.In the three decades before the crisis, FDI to Syria came mostly from Western ... More